CyberLaw has you covered, no matter which stage of the game your company is currently in


Here are all the things you’ll need as a startup from website compliance, privacy policy, terms of use, legal strategy for your company

Get Running

 Set up all your docs, MSA, SOW, NDA, etc… Licenses, and Compliance Attestations

Keep Going

Help set up your compliance operations, Conducting periodic assessments, developing a flow

Keep Growing

 Negotiating with third parties, getting licenses for further operations 

For when you want a lawyer to walk you from startup, to growth, and all the challenges along the way

Startup Get Running Keep Going Keep Growing
Basic Startup Package
Advising Clients as they create business or expand business to new countries
Include: Incorporation Strategy & Services; Intellectual Property Strategy & Services; Legal / Compliance Scope, Strategy, & Foundation; Product / Services Strategy
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The Compliance Foundation Package
Establishing a robust compliance foundation for Clients
May Include: Drafting comprehensive internal policies & procedural, establishing Monitoring & Training Programs, reviewing and testing controls.
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Regulatory Fitness Package: External-facing Triage
Ensuring Clients at least have the have prima facie compliance
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Regulatory Affairs Packages
Assisting Clients on acquiring requisite licenses or certifications
Engaging regulators or industry players for acquiring or leveraging banking, BD, or other
Licenses; Assist Clients in responding to periodic regulatory or industry inquiries or filings
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Business Engagement Package
Advising Clients considerations when engaging 3rd parties
Review of Third Party engagements and documentation; Advise companies and VC firms on regulatory risks and opportunities with different technology offerings
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Incident Management Package
Client advisory for compliance incidents, digital transformation & innovation
Establishing a foundation for a fully remote workforce; Company expansion; Case-by-case assistance in responding to industry and regulators for unexpected incidents or disasters
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